Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Game (Neil Strauss)

Warning: Contains Major Spoilers

Advice for Nerds wanting to lose their Virginity:

Try talking to women. They like that. They particularly like talking about the sort of things that women like to talk about. If you have nothing interesting to say, learn some magic tricks instead. Treat them ever so slightly mean to keep them keen.

Advice for Real Men:

If some clever looking weed starts talking to you when you are with your woman, say something like "Are you talking to me because you want to have sex with my girlfriend?"(1).

Advice for Everyone:

Sleeping around doesn't make you happy(2)(3).

Reviewer's Footnotes

(1) If he's so good that he can get her off you even then, think of it as evolution in action.
(2) Indeed. But then who is? Sleeping around can certainly make you happier and more self-confident.
(3) Don't get addicted. Girls have nice eyes but they are very dangerous.

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