Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Do The Right Thing

Someone recently said, sarcastically, on reddit "Of course no one decent has ever worked for a company."

The problem with doing the right thing as a company, is that your competitors don't, so they make more money than you, so they can undersell you and you go out of business

This is why all letting agencies ever are evil. Sometimes you find a good one, but it is invariably out of business next time you need one. As tenant or landlord.

Unless you can find some way to make 'we do the right thing' part of your image.

But of course, non-decent people can do that too!

I always try to act ethically, but it costs me a fortune. Luckily my competitors are few and far between, and reputation matters commercially for me.

A corollary of this is that restaurants within sight of tourist things are always terrible.

Their customers will never come back, and so their best strategy is to overcharge for bad food and get their clients to leave as soon as possible.

They make lots of money doing this, with new suckers every day, and so their landlords put the rent up to the point where they're only just viable.

No-one trying to run a decent restaurant is able to afford the rent.

This is one reason why chains like McDonalds and Starbucks do so well. You know when you go there exactly what you're going to get, because it's the same everywhere.

Trip Advisor is making a difference here, and maybe one day it will be possible to get decent food within sight of the Eiffel Tower.

But for the moment, either head for Starbucks, or walk a few streets away until you can't see it any more, and there aren't so many tourists, and eat where the locals eat.