Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Answer to g

What if I was so convinced I was right that I started a 'Rational Thyroid Treatment Corporation'?

Actually there wouldn't be any point, since the bloody stuff is cheap as chips. I think that might be the problem. There's never been anyone to fight its corner for it.

Which is verging on conspiracy theory. Except that there's no conspiracy, just perverse incentives.

Which is what we say when we want to say 'conspiracy theory'.

I used to know some Socialist Workers. And one of them used to refer to people as 'lumpen'. One day I asked her if that was what Socialist Workers said when they meant 'common', and she went red and said 'yes' in a very small voice.

Which increased my respect for her a lot. Unfortunately she ruined it all about a month later when at the end of an argument about the correct method of determining wage levels for firemen she completely lost it with the immortal words 'Under Socialism there WOULDN'T BE FIRES'.

I wonder if she's still a Socialist? I wonder what she's doing? I wonder if she's still alive?

The follies of our youth are in retrospect glorious, when compared to the follies of our old age.


  1. If you have any readers who haven't been following your every comment on Less Wrong, they will probably be rather confused by the title of this. (And maybe by its content too.)

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    2. It occurs to me too late that that sounds rather as if I'm casting nasturtiums on the size of your readership. Not my intention at all; the "if" is only because I suspect your readership here has substantial overlap with LW.

    3. (The deleted comment was mine, and said the same thing as above. Stupid Blogspot defaults to "post with Google identity" even when you have just one minute ago replied in the same place using different credentials. I wouldn't have bothered deleting it if I had known that deleting comments doesn't actually, you know, delete them. Sorry for the untidiness.)