Friday, August 3, 2012

Shangri-La Diet II: Details of Test and Predictions for Second Month

The variables I can measure are:

favourite belt notch (1-6, where 1 is fat and 6 is thin)
appetite loss (subjective, I'll say can be either perceptible or not.)

My current state:

belt: 3 (that's comfy in the morning and stays comfy all day. Any looser and my trousers head south, any tighter and I'm conscious of wearing it too tight. Although when sitting down for long periods the damned thing cuts into my waist, so I tend to remove it entirely.)

appetite: I usually seem to be eating a fairly light 'brunch' and then not wanting anything else all day.
This is unbelievable for me. When people suggest going out for dinner I either go for social reasons and eat small amounts, or sometimes I just can't face it at all. Twice during the last month I have refused to go for a curry with old friends I don't see that often. I'm fairly sure that I have never done that before in my whole life and it felt weird. I was keen on the idea of the conversation and the taste, and I think commensal eating is very important for social reasons, but I just couldn't face the idea of eating.
(Even more weirdly, I've gone off fags and coffee, my skin and hair seem softer than usual, and various joint aches that have been building up over a misspent middle age have cleared up. As if someone was oiling them! That's just got to be psychosomatic, hasn't it?)

My original state:

Before I tried this I was at belt 2 in the morning, moving to 1 in the evening, and my appetite was "normal for me" (i.e. I don't think about eating usually, and in fact sometimes forget to eat and am reminded by headache or weakness, but become ravenous in the presence of food and eat vast amounts.)

The actual predictions of my six theories for the end of the month of August I decree to be:

Helplessness (weight stays the same, some loss of appetite to compensate for oil):

     1  2  3   4 5 6
yes  1  25 50 25 1 1
no   1  25 50 25 1 1
(total 203)

Willpower (no appetite loss, weight gain)

    1 2   3 4 5 6  
yes 5 5   5 5 1 1
no  5 75 25 5 1 1
(total 134)

Shangri-La (appetite loss, further weight loss)

    1 2  3  4   5 6
yes 1 5 25  75 25 5
no  1 5  5  5   5 5
(total 134)

I don't know what the Ruth theories predict about appetite loss, but if it works like Seth Roberts says, then learning the new flavours should bring back my appetite, so:

Ruth I (appetite returns, rebound back to original weight, possible overshoot)

    1   2 3 4 5 6
yes 5   5 5 1 1 1
no  25 50 5 1 1 1
(total 166)

Ruth II (have lost weight for month 1, will now plateau for 2 and 3, hard rain to fall in 4)

    1  2  3 4 5 6
yes 5 25 50 5 1 1
no  5 25 50 5 1 1
(total 174)

Ruth III (continue to lose weight as before, expect plateau 3 and 4, rebound months 5 and 6)

     1 2  3  4  5 6
yes  1 5 25 50 25 5
no   1 5  5  5  5 5
(total 137)

And what I think I should currently believe is represented by: 


If anyone is still reading this and can spot any place where I seem to be trying to fool myself, I'd very much appreciate correcting. I have a horrible feeling that if I was trying to test aromatherapy as a weight-loss technique I'd be writing similar posts and believing similar things.

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