Monday, June 25, 2012

Consciousness Explained (Daniel Dennett)

This glorious book is often referred to as 'Consciousness Denied'. Dennett takes a good look at the 'hard problem of consciousness' (What is the ghost in the machine?), and confronts it straight on.

The book is full of superb arguments and thought provoking examples and experiments, and throughout I kept wondering if I'd cease to exist mid-chapter.

In the course of the week it took to read this book, my entire view of what I am and how I work has turned upside down.

But still. Cogito ergo sum. I still buy that. I get the impression that Dennett does too.

This book is a mighty stride towards working out what it is that might be under the illusion of existing. But I'm still confused.

In fact I'm more confused. This is a very good thing and I cannot recommend this book too highly!

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation!! I am always looking for more perspectives on consciouness and who am I and why am I here?