Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers

Credit where credit is due. This year I remembered Mother's Day the day before, and it's a bit too far to drive for a day (I think. I know some people do 300 mile round trips for fun!).

I thought about asking my sister to take something to Mum for me, but that seemed a bit lame, so I found a Sheffield florist on-line and asked them if they could deliver on the day, which was a Sunday.

I asked for their advice on what to send, and then managed to give them an old credit card number which had expired. They rang back later and told me very apologetically that it hadn't got through, but luckily I realized what I'd done and gave them the new one.

They produced a really nice bunch of tulips for about £35 and delivered them at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. I think they did the delivery themselves rather than using a parcel service. My parents live a fairly long way out of Sheffield itself so it must have been a long trip on what I assume is their busiest day of the year.

I was at a cricket net at the time, and when I got home I had 6 missed calls, all from Mum. (She doesn't normally do that.) Of course I rang back. A couple of days later she sent me a hand-made thank you card and the picture above.

So I'm pretty happy with Katie Peckett ( ), Sheffield Florist, 0114 2664985, and I thought I'd give them a plug on my blog.

I've no idea whether they're a big or a small operation, but although their website makes them look like a large and expanding firm, their service was as personal and obliging as if I'd rung a friendly corner shop.

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