Thursday, January 27, 2011

£500 if you can find me a job

That worked a treat. And the lucky winner was Simon. 

It was fun, but a short contract. Now I'd like another one, so I repeat:

If, within the next six months, I take a job which lasts longer than one month, and that is not obtained through an agency, then on the day the first cheque from that job cashes, I'll give £500 to the person who provided the crucial introduction.

If there are a number of people involved somehow, then I'll apportion it fairly between them. And if the timing conditions above are not quite met, or if someone points me at a short contract which the £500 penalty makes not worth taking, then I'll do something fair and proportional anyway. (The thing Simon pointed me at only lasted three weeks and I paid him in full anyway, because it was neat.)

And this offer applies even to personal friends, and to old contacts who I have not got round to calling yet, and to people who are themselves offering work, because why wouldn't it?

And obviously if I find one through my own efforts then I'll keep the money. But my word is generally thought to be good, and I have made a public promise on my own blog to this effect, so if I cheat you you can blacken my name and ruin my reputation for honesty, which is worth much more to me than £500.

Anyhow, if you're interested in helping out, my CV is at, and any advice on how it could be improved will be gratefully received.

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  1. I thought you were in the same year as me at Cambridge, in which case your degree line should read 1989-1992 and not 1988-1991

    Not that that will in any way affect your employability or anything else of any significance.