Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Commercial Angels

I would not normally be seen dead in the Grand Arcade, our local shopping mall, packed almost exclusively as it is with commercial outlets selling things likely only to be of interest to young ladies, such as the products of Apple Computer, did it not contain the Central Library.

On entering for the first time in some time, I was struck by the gigantic flying female figures suspended from the roof. They have huge feathery wings and serene expressions and are concentrating on great red banners suspended from even higher up, the lower ends of which they are holding.

Despite the slightly unfortunate flashing lights in their wings, they are rather beautiful and spiritual creatures.

I stood and contemplated them for some time.

Either someone has taken the trouble to design and make these enormous figures specifically to decorate a smallish provincial shopping mall for Christmas, in which case well done, you! They are beautiful.

Or there is an operation somewhere manufacturing these enormous seraphic figures in quantity, and selling them and shipping them who knows where?

A surreal thought.

1 comment:

  1. Apparently it's the former. They were specially made:


    Weirdly the only photographs on the web seem to be of a blonde angel, who looks a bit ditzy.

    But all the ones actually in the mall are brunettes, and they look much better there than they do in the photos.

    I shall certainly be contacting KD decoratives next time I have a shopping centre to spruce up.