Friday, November 6, 2009

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How much of a crime is stealing poppies?

Why I don't answer e-mails or texts.
Why did they bother inventing the telephone when we already had telegrams? How old is Cary Grant?

A confused Italian girl at a cash machine

The three slits experiment
It is not that the universe works differently when we're looking. Is it?

Why do we have to use classical reasoning to construct quantum mechanical thought experiments.

Aliens would transmit 2 pi. In binary that's just a bitshift. If we're transmitting pi, that will look to them like tau/2. Might they answer with tau/3 (2 pi / 3!!) to show they'd got the signal? What does that look like in binary?

Hilbert space is just arrows. Inner product is a similarity metric.  angle bracket arrow arrow arrow bar is a member of C^3

Teaching is research. The distillation of concepts into forms from which the next step is obvious is the essence of both.

Michael in the cafe on a blind date being creepy. The awkwardness of the Edharians before the Procians.

Maths is more interesting than sex. Even to teenagers.

Release from the cycle of being.

Concepts that you don't understand are gaps in the fabric of reality.
Words that you don't understand are signs of concepts that you don't.
Consider hermeneutics, semiotics and dialectics.

Is it OK to dismiss religious/ecstatic/drug/dream/out of body experiences as meaningless?
They are the traces of memories laid down in the brain when it is operating under the control of a shattered mind. Maybe a mind completely absent. Perhaps they are telling us something?

Are the other people in my dreams conscious?

Why can I not think about QM without becoming mystical? Is this true for everybody or is there something funny in the Markov Chain of my mind? Chaos theory is another thing often used in bollocks philosophy to spout about free will vs determinism, but that doesn't have the same effect. On the other hand, topology and particularly Riemann surfaces used to. And lambda-calculus still does

(double (double double)): toil and trouble

The Quantum-Stochastic Financial Dynamics of Superconducting Cosmic Strings in a seven-dimensional Universe of Discourse. Hoaxes in literary theory and in string theory.

Agora should be viewable on different time-scales. What's hot now, what's hot now with a different time constant, what was hot last week, what was hot in 2009. General weighted average needed. Perhaps do it as a zoomable graphic equalizer. If you have +ve and -ve votes then the sum is coolness and the difference is attention. People creating uncool things which get a lot of attention should be penalized heavily.

Agora ID. Any username, any id, total anonymity. Can set level in browser.

The mighty fork bomb: b(){ b|b& };b

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