Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A tennis lesson plan (the volley)

Volley Lesson (Group of 6 )

Volley is performed with 'hatchet grip'. Pretend racket is axe: chop wood one-handed
Other hand on throat of racket until just before shot.
Shot requires one inch of movement. No more!
Count to five in preparation (restrains movement?)
Shoulders must turn.
After every shot return to central position (racket forward, hand on throat)

When the ball lands in the boxes, return it, then:
Change grip
Run forward.
Do not get too close to net

Exercises (work through a bag of balls, each student in turn)

1. Volley to one another
2 Coach feeds backhand volleys (remember to count to five while waiting for ball)
3 Coach feeds forehand volleys
4 Coach feeds either hand at random. Respond with correct volley.
5 Volley to one another
6 Coach feeds forehand groundstroke, run in, change grip, coach feeds forehand volley, coach feeds backhand volley
7 Finally play game with one another. Serve and play in half-court. If ball lands in box then advance to net and finish point by volleying.

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